BIB pickup - delegation

FRI 28.06.2024 every participant will receive by e-mail the “CONFIRMATION LETTER”; this document must be saved on a mobile device and presented, with a valid ID, at MEHT VILLAGE to collect BIB umber.
To 85K race participants an “OFFICIAL ASSITANT PASS” will be provided; this pass can be used by one person to access Life Base to assist participant including management of extra clothes bag.

BIB number is necessary to benefit services dedicated to participants; participants has to indicate, on BIB backside, a name/mobile number to be contacted in case of emergency and save on mobile phone the emergency number indicated on BIB front side. BIB are strictly personal with no possibility to transfer it to a third person. It is responsibility of participants to visibly endorse their BIB on chest/stomach and it is forbidden to modify it. Participants without or with modified BIB, or BIB given to another person, will be disqualified and persecuted by sport and law authorities.

MEHT VILLAGE                                                                                  

FRI 28.06     10.00 am - 08.00 pm
SAT 29.06     04.00 am - 09:00 am

GPS tracker (85K) and CHIP, mandatory for all MEHT races, are used to verify race time and for safety reasons, monitoring participants transition on different points along the course.
For the GPS tracker, included on registration for 85K, it is required a € 50,00 (ONLY CASH PAYMENT) deposit refunded after the race upon returning the device.

Only on FRI 28.06.2024, it will be possible to delegate a third person that will need to provide following documentation:
- Confirmation Letter printed/undersigned in original by delegating person + Delegation (attached to Confirmation Letter)
- ID copy (Passport or ID) of delegating person.