DATE: 25th July 2020

START: Sport Centre Macugnaga – Fraz. Pecetto

FINISH: Sport Centre Macugnaga – Fraz. Pecetto



ELEVATION D+: 1.600 m

Alt. MIN: 1.187 m (Fraz. Fornarelli)

Alt. MAX: 2.151 m (Funivia Rosareccio)


Based on current Italian Law for participation at sport events (D.M. 18.02.1982 tab. B) MEHT races are open to everyone who is 18 years old on 25th July 2020
holding an agonistic sport medical certificate valid in Italy (download the template in "Download Area") .

Every participants must be:
- Conscious that the OC role is not helping or assisting participants during his race.
- Conscious of the selected race length, and the specificity of the environment.
- Well trained, holding strong self-autonomy in a mountain environment, able to eventually face weather conditions which could become difficult. Alpine environment conditions can change fast and drastically and this is an aspect that can’t be underestimated; therefore participants must be able to face extreme weather conditions as intense cold/hot, snow or rain, strong wind etc.
- Able to manage eventual physical/psychological problems connected to high level of tiredness, stomach problems, muscular/articular pain, small wounds, starvation/dehydration feeling etc.

For the 60K race, we advise to have completed at least one TRAIL race of 40K with about 2500 meters of positive elevation gain.

Registration Fees

Registration managed by SDAM – Sport Data Management S.r.l.; enquires about registration:

E-mail: [email protected]
Call Center: 895.6060.668 


On bank transfer description, it is mandatory to specify name of the athlete/athletes and selected race (ex: Rick Dare / 60K).
We do not accept registrations with incomplete information, missing entry fee or required agonistic medical certificate.

ON-LINE BY: 23rd July 2020 1pm
Directly on with easy, fast and secure system.
Registration and payment by credit card or PAYPAL (commission applied).

E-MAIL BY: 19th July 2020
Sending by e-mail to [email protected]:
1. Registration Form fulfilled/undersigned
2. Agonistic Medical Certificate (download template on
3. Payment Receipt: Bank Transfer to Sport PRO-MOTION A.S.D. - Banca Intesa Sanpaolo ag. Baveno (VB), Italy

IBAN: IT 65 U030 6945 1611 0000 0000 774 – SWIFT/BIC Code: BCITITMMXXX – (participants must cover commission fees).

MEHT VILLAGE 24th-25th July 2020 (only cash payments)
In person providing:
1. Registration Form fulfilled/undersigned
2. Agonistic Medical Certificate (download template on



  • Customized BIB
  • Chip Rental
  • Showers
  • Medical Assistance
  • Official Gadget MEHT
  • Medal
  • Changing Rooms
  • Finisher Certificate
  • Third Part Insurance
  • Guarded Bag Deposit
  • Technical Briefing
  • Lifts Free Ticket (FRI/SAT/SUN)
  • Refreshments Points
  • Chrono Timing
  • Finish Massage
  • WC
  • Cloths Deposit Bag
  • GPS Traces
  • Lifts Discounted Tickets (Companions)

BIB Number will be delivered only to the registered athletes or Relay Team Captain by showing an ID card and the “CONFIRMATION LETTER”; no BIB replacement is available in case of loss.
BIB number is necessary to benefit services dedicated to participants, including eventual lifts transportation on race-day.
Every participant must save the OC emergency number indicated on BIB front side; participants has to indicate, on BIB backside, a name and mobile number to contact in case of emergency.
BIB are strictly personal with no possibility to transfer it to a third person. It is responsibility of each participant to visibly endorse their BIB on frontal body part and it is forbidden to modify BIB numbers. Anyone running without or modified BIB number will be disqualified and persecuted by sport and law authorities.


BIB number and race kit can be collected at:

MEHT Village – c/o Piazzale Centro Sportivo – Fraz. Pecetto di Macugnaga (VB) – Italy
FRI 26 July 2019 10:00 – 21:00
SAT 27 July 2019 04:30 – 24:00

Only on July 26th it will be possible to delegate a third person to pick-up BIB numbers; the appointed person must provide:
– Confirmation Letter undersigned by delegating person + Delegation (attached to Confirmation Letter)
– ID copy (Passport or ID) of delegating person.


15 KM – PASSO DEI MONDELLI: stop time 11:00 (5h race)
23 KM – DIGA DI MATTMARK: stop time 13:00 (7h race)
31 KM – PASSO MONTE MORO: stop time 15:30 (9,5h race)
38 KM – FRAZ. PECETTO: stop time 17:30 (11,5h race)
45 KM – RIFUGIO ZAMBONI: stop time 19:30 (13,5h race)
55 KM – FRAZ. FORNARELLI: stop time 21:30 (16,5h race)
FINISH – FRAZ. PECETTO: stop time 24:00 (18h max. time)


– Backpack or backpack + pouch with enough space for whole mandatory equipment
– Cell phone: save the emergency numbers of the OC (indicated on BIB number), be sure to have network also in Switzerland. No hidden number and 100% charged battery
– TRAIL running shoes
– Portable plastic glass 15 Cl minimum capacity
– Water bottles or hydration pack (camelback style) with at least 1 Lt capacity
– Survival blanket
– Whistle
– Elastic strap for medical dressing or strapping (minimum 100cm X 6cm)
– Food reserve
– Waterproof/windproof jacket (GORETEX style) with hood. The jacket must be suitable for bad weather condition (cold, wind, rain, snow)
– Hat or head/neck band (Buff style) to cover all head
– Gloves

– ID card
– Headlamp with extra battery pack
– Long pants or ¾ pants + long socks to cover entire leg
– Spare warm microfiber long sleeve jersey
– Extra warm cloths
– Waterproof pants cover
– Poles
– Sunglasses and sun cream
– Pocket money
– Basic First AID KIT
– GPS watch with GPX tracks uploaded here TRACE/COURSE


Monterosa Est Himalayan Trail

è un evento di Sport PRO-MOTION A.S.D.

Via Maurizio Muller, 37

28921 Verbania Intra (VB) Italia

Tel: +39 0323.919.861

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