Macugnaga is a wonderful alpine town at 1327 meters altitude at the base of est wall of Monte Rosa. The history of Macugnaga, “Pearl of Monte Rosa” began in the twelfth century when the Walser, a people of Albanian origin from the Valais, occupied this pleasant basin of Valle Anzasca. This was the beginning of Walser colonization around Monte Rosa. Today the Walser tradition is still visible in the origins’ architecture and by costumes that the women of the village wear on special occasions. The Titsch language is still spoken by elderly into Dorf, a small settlement of 1200 A.C. with the church, cemetery and the ancient secular “Tiglio” tree. Running the trail will be an opportunity to get in touch with a piece of Alpine history.

Due to limited accomodation, you will have 2 free camping areas with WC and Showers. You must manage this with your tent, Camper or Van. These 2 areas are both 1,5km  close to Meht Village and Start / Finish area.

Information about your stay in Macugnaga and Anzasca Valley:


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