– Backpack or backpack + pouch with enough space for whole mandatory equipment
– Cell phone: save the emergency numbers of the OC (indicated on BIB number), be sure to have network also in Switzerland. No hidden number and 100% charged battery
– TRAIL running shoes
– Portable plastic glass 15 Cl minimum capacity
-Foldable plastic plate or other container to consume food at refreshment points (at refreshment points will not be provided any type of containers)
– Water bottles or hydration pack (camelback style) with at least 1 Lt capacity
– Survival blanket
– Whistle
– Elastic strap for medical dressing or strapping (minimum 100cm X 6cm)
– Food reserve
– Waterproof/windproof jacket (GORETEX style) with hood. The jacket must be suitable for bad weather condition (cold, wind, rain, snow)
– Hat or head/neck band (Buff style) to cover all head
– Gloves