- Backpack or pouch with enough space for whole mandatory equipment
- Mobile phone: save emergency numbers of the OC indicated on BIB number; phone always on with no hidden number and 100% charged battery
- TRAIL RUNNNG shoes suitable for alpine terrain (gravel, stones, plates)
- Plastic glass or container with wide cap suitable for drink/food consumption (at refreshment points will not be provided any type of containers)
- Water bottles or hydration pack (camelback style) with min 1 lt capacity
- Survival blanket (min size 2.0m X 1.40m)
- Whistle
- Elastic band for banding or strapping (min size 100cm X 6cm)
- Waterproof/windproof jacket (GORETEX Type) with hood, suitable for bad weather condition (cold, wind, rain, snow)